By Faith – Ministering Spiritual Gifts 3


The Ministering Spiritual Gifts 3 class will help to:

  1. Infuse you with faith to believe that you can prophesy.
  2. Provide you with principles and practical advice as a prophetic minister and one who is exposed to prophetic ministry.
  3. Present you with proper principles for ministering personal prophecy.

This workbook includes the following segments: prophetic principles, which are helpful in giving practical advice and answering common questions from the standpoint of the person prophesying; prophetic pitfalls which describes snares that can hinder ministers; and activations, which will give you the opportunity to minister spiritual gifts in a safe environment.

The cost of the class includes a $20.00 workbook.

*Ministering Spiritual Gifts 1 & 2 are prerequisites for this class.
**There is no child care available for training classes.

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