Prophetess Ronni (Veronica) McTaggart


Personal Info

Prophetess Ronni (Veronica) McTaggart is co- pastor of Bread of Life Team Ministries located in Saginaw, Michigan along with her husband Rod who serves as senior pastor. They have been married since 1969 and have three grown children and 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Pastor Ronni is a graduate of Eagle Christian Colleges widely acclaimed “School of the Prophet” and has been commissioned a prophetess to the Body of Christ. She moves and operates strongly in the prophetic, flowing with remarkable accuracy in the areas of Words of Knowledge, exhortations, discernment, corporate and personal prophesy. She is also a powerful prayer warrior in the area of prophetic intercession.

Her Ministry

Pastor Ronni has an extensive background in the business arena as she partnered with her husband as an owner and operator of two businesses. She also assists as a teacher and facilitator of Eagle Christian College Saginaw (ECCS), which was an affiliate of Eagle –Lion Institute founded by Dr. John Watson of Marion, Ohio until his demise. ECCS in September 2004 was established to broaden the spectrum of five-fold ministry equipping to the Body of Christ in the region.

Pastor Ronni served with Apostle Rod as an apostolic regional coordinator for the Michigan Apostolic Alliance under the direction of Apostle Barbara Yoder in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She was ordained through the Network of Christian Churches (NCC) under the leadership of Apostle John & Pat Watson and Prophets Jim & Judy Stevens (based out of Marion, Ohio). She is now part of a newly formed network called APT (Apostolic/Prophetic Team Network) under Dr. Jim and Judy Stevens.

She partners and also facilitates special seminars (directed mainly to women’s needs and prayer). She speaks and operates powerfully as a prophetic team member at various conferences and churches. She has greatly enjoyed and honored to be called upon to participate in various ordinations and new church openings prophetically.

Community Involvement

In 1994, the Lord spoke to the McTaggart’s to help spearhead the restoration of the prophetic voice in Michigan and sponsored the “Michigan Prophetic Conference” in 1995 along with the help of some other pastoral couples. The original conference was hosted in the Saginaw and then was invited to be taken to west Michigan. From there it has traveled to southeastern Michigan on the Michigan and Ohio border.

She, along with her husband, played a major role in the process that led to the early beginnings of the “Church of Saginaw”. “The Church of Saginaw” currently consists of a growing group of pastors who are laboring together to bring transformation to the Saginaw area. She and her husband were personally led to purchase 12 videos that were to be distributed to local pastors called, “The Transformation” video. The video was produced by George Otis Jr. and re-ignited a fire to partner together and turn Saginaw around. From a simple home meeting of 10 local pastors and their wives the process began.